SeaWife is an epic sea-faring tale about the memories that haunt us and humanity's capacity for creation and destruction, all filtered through the golden age of American Whaling and the epic lore of nautical literature.

Percy is the son of one of the greatest Harpooners of New Bedford's burgeoning whaling fishery. When he finds he doesn't have the mettle for killing leviathan, he travels off in search of a greater glory... and nearly finds it in his first and only love, a mysterious woman raised in the blood spray of the first Seminole War. But when she is murdered on their wedding night, Percy spirals and reforms, quickly becoming the greatest whale killer in history... until he begins seeing her ghost out on the waves...

Through a two-year collaboration between freak-folk band The Lobbyists, Director Liz Carlson, some of NYC's most talented young designers, the South Street Seaport Museum and myself as playwright, this team has built a "concert-play"... something that lives in between live music show and theater, with puppetry and immersive design, all embedded in the storied walls of the Melville Gallery at South Street Seaport, one of New York's richest historical districts.